Participate in the publication of the next monograph of Miguel Chevalier, a 240-page book that traces his creations of the last 18 years.
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Monograph "Miguel Chevalier" - Bernard Chauveau Édition
24 x 30 cm - 240 pages
introductory text by Jérôme Neutres and interview with David Rosenberg
Graphic design: Trafik (
Publication date : April 2018

Solo show
Base sous-marine, Bordeaux, France

Boulevard Alfred Daney
33300 Bordeaux
From 8th March to 20th May 2018

Contact partnership and sponsorship : Flora Stich / The Desk - art contemporain (Bordeaux) / + 33 (0)6 89 89 34 36
Contact press : Emilie Lesne /

Exhibition in collaboration with Surfrider Foundation Europe
The artist is supported by Château Rauzan-Ségla, Margaux
Dacryl, Editions Arcay, Villa 88, Voxels Productions

Group show

Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, Paris (France)
Curators: Laurence Bertrand Dorléac and Jérôme Neutres
Exhibition from 5 April to 9 July 2018

With The Mayor Gallery, London (booth 451)

From 10th to 18th March 2018

Méta-cité 2015
Virtual-reality artwork - video 80 min

Solo show
The Mayor Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Exhibition from 12 April to 1 June 2018

The Mayor Gallery
21 Cork Street, First Floor
London W1S 3LZ

Mon-Fri 10am-5.30pm; Admission: Free Nearest Tube Station Green Park or Piccadilly Circus        

Press enquiries:
Amy Baker at The Mayor Gallery

Exposition personnelle
Wilmotte Gallery at Lichfield Studios, Londres, Royaume-Uni

133 Oxford Gardens
Londres W10 6NE

Opening on 12 April 2018, from 7 pm
Opening press at 6 pm
Exhibition from 12th April to 15th June 2018

Al Musica,
Group show
Philharmonie de Paris, France

Curator: Véronique Rieffel
From 6 April to 19 August 2018

Dialogue between the collections of the Musée Ingres, muséum Victor Brun, the Mémo and Miguel Chevalier's artworks
Médiathèque Mémo, Montauban, France

Mémo Médiathèque Montauban
2 rue Jean Carmet
82000 Montauban - France

From 18th May to 8th December 2018
Talk with Miguel Chevalier on 19th of May, 3pm

Rens. : 05 63 91 88 00

Group show
The Pilori and the pavillon Grapelli, Niort, France

Curator: Paul Ardenne
From 26th of January to 10th of March 2018
- Pilori
Place du Pilori - 79000 Niort - France
- Pavillon Stéphane Grapelli
Rue St Jean - 79000 Niort - France

Artists : Claude Lévêque, Francois Boisrond, Ange Leccia, Filip Markiewicz, Agnès Pezeu, Miguel Chevalier, Myriam Mechita, Tïa-Calli Borlase, Philippe Dupuy, Orsten Groom, Frank Perrin, Aurélie Dubois, Alexandra Mas.

With Mordoch Gallery (Paris/Miami) (stand E19)
and Bernard Chauveau Edition
From 5th to 8th April 2018

Grand Palais, Paris
Avenue Winston Chruchill - 75008 Paris (France)

Group show

James Chedburn, Miguel Chevalier, Patrick Hughes, Alain Le Boucher,
Jean-Claude Meynard, Pétra Werlé
Exhibition until 10th March 2018
Galerie Lélia Mordoch
50 rue Mazarine
75006 Paris (France)