Crossborders 2007

Crossborders 2007

Music: Jacopo Baboni Schilingi

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Luxembourg & greater region European capital of culture, Grand comptoire, railway station, Metz, France

Technical element:

2 PC, 6 videoprojector, 3 sensors, 8 speakers

Sizes: 55.9 ft x 13.12 ft

Software: Emmanuel Mâa Berriet

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Technical collaboration: Video: Nicolas Gaudelet

détection de mouvement, projection à grande échelle, calibration de projection, gestion de projet, communication, documentation photographique, documentation vidéo, développement de logiciel, musique interactive, location d'équipement audio visuel, maintenance,installation technique

In the context of « Luxembourg & greater region European capital of culture2007 » and to mark the opening of the new fast train line, TGV Est, in the station of Metz, Miguel Chevalier proposes a new vision of these bordering spaces through its flux and its networks.
Founding himself on the past and the present of the extended Region, Miguel Chevalier is drawing a new map where apparent borders disappear in favor of another reality , constituted by a continuous entwining of flux and movement. It reveals the permanent mixing of news, ideas, goods taking this lace-like means of communication in constant becoming. The artist explores all the layers of this uncharted geography, from the most ancient to the most recent ones. Starring among the latest are the TGV Est and the broadband network which already covers the local territory.
An archeologist, visionary and architect of the virtual of global renown, Miguel Chevalier leads us through this maze to give us a new vision of this urban grid far from time and borders. Crossborders 2007 is a virtual and interactive installation of 200sqm composed of strata of both real and virtual images in 2D or 3D . Thanks to sensors, the visitors can modify their visual and musical environment as they move.

Crossborders - Miguel Chevalier