Digital Constellations


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Digital Constellations 2006

Digital Constellations 2006

Mixed media installation

Palais Ksar Char-Bagh, Marrakech, Morocco

Technical element:

Inflatable sphere with helium gas - Diameter: 8.2 ft and 13.1 ft

Software: Eric Wenger

Miguel Chevalier today confronts his artistic world, which is entirely oriented towards the contemporary and its transformations in the face of the evolution of techno-sciences (data flows, multiplicity of information exchange, networks that form a new fabric of the world, cities in mutation), with the power of tradition in what it can have of the most living and current. By remodelling its own world through the dual prism of the Islamic mosaic and the legend of the flying carpet, which delighted readers of the Tales of a Thousand and One Nights from its first translation, begun by Antoine Galland in 1704, it is another culture, which includes both a sacred art without image and a wonderful literary work, that permeates its ultra-contemporary world.
These two proposals take shape under the influence of a city, Marrakech, and a place, Jamaa El Fna Square, which constitutes its heart.
This place, declared by UNESCO a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity, is a place where there is a local culture, that of the oral tradition, both ancestral and living, from the snake charmer to the storyteller. It is therefore in this high place of an unwritten culture that Miguel Chevalier wishes to bring together tradition and the most advanced technology through art. There, in this square full of crowds, smells and words, the technological vision was tinged with magic and dreams, weaving the threads of a landscape that is both real and virtual: the mosaics become light as bubbles, the carpets bright and floating.