Digital Flocons

Digital Flocons 2009

Digital Flocons 2009

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Biennial of contemporary art in Vallees de Thones organized by Acte 3, Track of the Gettiers, Grand Bornand / Chinaillon, France

Technical element:

2 videoprojectors, 2 PC, 2 infrared sensors

Sizes: 492 ft x 262.5 ft

Software: Cyrille Henry

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Miguel  Chevalier proposed to evolve his work of virtual Fractal Flowers toward the world of the  flakes and of the snow crystals. This generative and interactive installation had projected during the night on snow’ surface, of the track of the Gettiers.

The work Digital Flakes lean on a generative principle that creates flakes of snow endlessly. Crystals of ice giants form themselves uncertainly; bloom before melting and to disappear  in the thickness of the snowy coat of the skiing track. The fractal structure of the flakes is revealed here through the prism of the numeric and the such pixels  particles compose a virtual snow. Their shapes are pushed to the extremity of geometric forms. Composed of multiple crystalline ramifications, the Digital Flakes present one  infinity of variation, active of hexagonal shapes, to those of needles, of tips.

Miguel Chevalier for the first time uses snow like a new surface of projection. He  explores the possibility to spread the numeric beyond the screen to develop itself to the scale of the  landscape. This aspect is not without recalling Land Art artists,such as Christo, Michael Heizer... The work makes body with snow. Digitals Flakes penetrate us in an intriguing universe.