Digital Icônes

Digital Icônes 2018

Digital Icônes 2018

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Le Grand Festival, Saint-Nicolas Chapel, Verdun, France

From: 07/20/2018 To: 07/22/2018

Digital Icônes is a generative and interactive virtual-reality installation composed of a light carpet projected on the floor of Saint-Nicolas Chapel.
This light carpet is made up of different pictograms with reference to the digital universe: of symbolic pictograms in reference to the digital world: On / Off, command, file, email, @, internet, wifi, smartphone, cloud computing…
The brightly colored patterns and icons recall the beginnings of the computer era. They appear, disappear and change to create a moving universe.
Thanks to sensors, this graphic and dynamic universe reacts to the visitors' movements. Icons entangle or move apart under their feet. The interaction generates an oscillating surface ranging from rigorous alignments to more chaotic forms. Each configuration draws ever more surprising compositions.
Like a giant kaleidoscope, this world of color, shape and movement transports us into the digital world.
The visitors are immersed in this carpet of pixels projected on the floor, evocating a computer screen or smartphone. This immaterial work makes it possible to transcribe the invisible: monetary and speculative flows, networks of information, data management, startups and new businesses, charts and diagrams...
If Pop Art artists, such as Warhol, Indiana or Rosenquist symbolized the consumer society, this mosaic of icons symbolizes new practices related to the digital: connect, learn, communicate, navigate, share... This large Cybernetics mesh represents the digital culture that manage our life and environment.

A Film by Claude Mossessian