Digital Supernova


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Digital Supernova 2019

Digital Supernova 2019
Installation projetée sur les voûtes

Generative virtual-reality installation

Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Rodez, France

Software: Cyrille Henry / Antoine Villeret

Du 8 au 18 août 2019, de 20h30 à 22h30

Dans le cadre du Siècle Soulages et de IN SITU - Patrimoine et art contemporain
La manifestation IN SITU Patrimoine et art contemporain est portée par l’association Le Passe Muraille. Le commissariat artistique est confié à Marie-Caroline Allaire-Matte et Pascal Pique

En complément de l'installation de Miguel Chevalier, plusieurs soirées-concerts :
- Le 8 août à 20h30 - Soirée d’ouverture avec Frédéric Deschamps, organiste titulaire de la collégiale d’Albi.
- Les 10, 11, 17 et 18 août à 20h30 - Improvisation musicale par Adam Bernadac, organiste et compositeur parisien.
Ces soirées sont co-organisées avec l’Association pour le Développement et le Rayonnement de l’Orgue en Aveyron (ADROA)

Digital Supernova 2019 is a monumental projection that plunge visitors in an universe of networks and constellations of stars.

Digital Supernova is a generative virtual-reality artwork projected onto Rodez Cathedral chancel vaults, its central nave, its transept crossing, and its two transepts.

Digital Supernova is made up of numerous wireframe meshes combine with imaginary sky charts and some beautiful pictures of supernova on background. The visitor discovers 35 different colored networks of light one after the other. These large meshes take form and then lose their shape, creating ever renewed, diversified universes. Colored weaving patterns overlap, evolve and transform slowly in real time. This huge virtual light curtain twists, moves and resizes to create diverse and complex shapes. Elements are attracted and repelled by one another, creating a breathing-like rhythm of dilation and contraction.

Digital Supernova highlights the site’s architecture, the volumes of the columns and ribbed vaults. These suspended universes accentuate one’s impression of the monument’s loftiness and lightness.

Visitors are invited to stroll around, to lie down, and to lift up their eyes toward the heavens. These digital constellations of pixels immerse visitors in an atmosphere bathed in light while opening unto infinity. The installation releases radiant energy into this space of plenitude. The installation induces a spiritual and contemplative feeling of elevation.

Light, color and movement create a poetics of matter and elaborate a new aesthetics of virtuality.