Eternal Legacy


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Eternal Legacy 2015

Eternal Legacy 2015
in tribute to Vacheron Constantin’s 260th anniversary of uninterrupted history

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Geneva, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New-York

Commissioned by: Vacheron Constantin

Software: Claude Micheli

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Active for many years in the world of Art and Culture, Vacheron Constantin commissioned an original work by artist Miguel Chevalier in celebration of its 260th anniversary. This digital creation entitled Vacheron Constantin Eternal Legacy is being presented on September 17th in Geneva and Shanghai, before travelling on to Hong Kong and New York in October.
Vacheron Constantin Eternal Legacy is an immersive and interactive virtual reality installation. Via an iPad touchscreen interface, visitors explore five universes that emerge as dynamic scenes enabling them to discover one particular facet of Vacheron Constantin, viewed by a contemporary artist. Each scene is infinitely regenerated, thereby echoing the concept of eternity embodied by the Maison.
The work offers an immersion into the history, values and identify of Vacheron Constantin.
Vacheron Constantin Eternal Legacy proposes a voyage through the Vacheron Constantin universe as well as a journey to the heart of time as it unfolds, with all its countless variations: time rushing by, time standing still and a wealth of perpetual transformations. This installation is an allegory of the fascinating and complex world of Haute Horlogerie, where each piece is a timeless work of art.
Vacheron Constantin Eternal Legacy unites the values of the Maison with those governing the art of Miguel Chevalier in a rich alliance of technical sophistication, inventiveness, passion and emotion. While the horological complications created by Vacheron Constantin offer a mechanical reflection of the world around us, the work of Miguel Chevalier using digital tools is also entirely in tune with our times.

A film by Claude Mossessian