Fractal Cloud

Fractal Cloud 2000

Fractal Cloud 2000

Collaborator: With Charles Bové / STOA architecture and Woytec Sepiol

Mixed media installation

Arvieux Square, Marseille, France

Sizes: 65,6 x 92 x 92 ft

Fractal Cloud is a monumental sculpture created in association with the Marseille-based architect, Charlie Bové, (StoA Architecture) as part of a public commission for the dockland area of Marseille. Measuring 20 x 28 x 28 m (65 x 92 x 92 ft), this work looks like a free-flowing superstructure formed by an intricate web of optical fiber cables. Metallic by day, the fractal cloud works as an astronomical clock at night. Every hour, the cables change color, giving the sculpture a light, airy and mobile appearance. The fractal cloud multiplies itself infinitely in a network and a play on scale that breaks with classical perspective and Euclidean geometry. When illumined at night by colored projectors, this work will take on immaterial and magical qualities.