Fractal Flowers

Fractal Flowers 2009

Fractal Flowers 2009

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Showroom Boffi, Milano, Italy

Technical element:

4 videoprojectors, 2 PC, 2 infrared sensors

Sizes: 49,2 x 13 ft

Software: Cyrille Henry

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Fractal Flowers is a new generation of virtual gardens. It's an original generator which produce gigantic fractal flowers of different sizes, colors and shapes. The originality and the might of this creation concentrate on this generator from which we can create a selection of the most beautiful flowers. Through atypic shapes, amazing colors, others artificial paradises are created.

Besides, this work leans on a generative and interactive principle, creating autonomous virtual seeds, growing, opening out, fading and reacting to the audience. It reveals stylized flowers, through an extreme geometry in its shapes. We are in front of an intriguing vegetal universe, full of crystal-flowerswith a wire frame, reminding of the facets of a diamond, which have on the one hand a real monumentality with its geometrical shapes, and on the other hand an evanescent aspect, when after some seconds, the flowers evaporate in the air like a cloud becoming progressively blurred.

The giantism of this flowers which cast a glance at the visitors, look at them according to their moving, create an enigmatic dialogue with the visitors. Flowers stoop like a bow in order to welcome the public in this mysterious virtual garden, then display their most beautiful colors and shapes, look at them, merge on colored backgrounds, lean out as to observe close to our reality, to disappear finally out of sight, out of our fascintaed look, touched by the living relation with a disappeared virtual object.