Fractal Flowers

Fractal Flowers 2008

Fractal Flowers 2008

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Embankments of the Cheonggyecheon River, Séoul, South Korea

Technical element:

2 videoprojectors, 1 infrared sensor, 1 PC

Sizes: 39 ft x 13 ft

Software: Cyrille Henry

Technical production: Voxels Productions

The artwork Fractal Flowers of Miguel Chevalier projected on the embankments of the Cheonggyecheonno River in Seoul enrolls in the will to introduce art in the public space. Seoul undertakes the mutations that make it a city of the XXIst century, where the man lives in a harmonious environment and where the dynamic management assures the multiplication of the parklands.

Next to this recovered nature, an artificial nature comes to life at dusk: it is the Fractal Flowers. These gigantic fractal flowers are made up of different colors, of shapes and are generated endlessly, thanks to software of Cyrille Henry. Intended on the embankments of the Cheonggyecheonno River, these gigantic virtual plants proliferate on the surface of the stone. These are the autonomous virtual seeds that are born uncertainly, that grow, bloom and disappear to leave place for the others.

We are here in a half-plant universe, half-mineral, constituted of filarial structures that recall the facets of a diamond. These fractal flowers have a real monumentality with their geometric shapes and at the same time have an evanescent aspect. These flowers bend themselves as if to make a reverence to the walker and to welcome him/her in the potentiality of this intriguing garden. They react to our movements. In their own special generative and chromatic language, they dialogue with us. They answer us. They also question us by their unusual apparition and disappearance.

These new "flowers" of Miguel Chevalier came out of the plant to embrace the cosmic. And we contemplate them, amazed by this fractal anatomy that unites the beauty and the fragility and it celebrates this union by an explosion of color...