Fractal Flowers


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Fractal Flowers 2015

Fractal Flowers 2015
As part of Live art curated by Ventana Contemporary Ibiza

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Heart Ibiza, Gran Hotel, Ibiza, Spain

Sizes: 39.4 ft x 14.9 ft

Software: Cyrille Henry / Antoine Villeret

Courtesy: Ventana Contemporary Ibiza

Technical production: Voxels Productions

From 21h00  / 9pm
Pss. Joan Carles I, 17
Heart Ibiza (Supper Club)
07800 Ibiza
Tel. 971.93.37.77

Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté and the world-famous chefs Ferran and Albert Adrià open Heart in Ibiza, multi-sensory gastronomic theater, creative collision between molecular and gastronomy food, contemporary and digital art (Takashi Murakami, Dan Graham, Miguel Chevalier, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer), Design and Architecture (Patricia Urquiola) and performance.

Heart, the fruit of 10 years of ideas and discussion, inside the Ibiza Gran Hotel, divided into three distinct spaces : Terrace, Supper and Club. The Supper it's a unique space that explore and experiment what happens when innovative coocking, digital art and performance collide, in a new and sophisticated interiors designed by Patricia Urquiola.

The project “Live Art”, curated by Ventana Contemporary Ibiza, aims to create a dialogue within the unique environment of Heart, interacting with both the music and the site-specific human-art performances created by Cirque du Soleil, and enhancing the amazing food experience proposed by the Adrià brothers.

The guest artist for Live Art this year is Miguel Chevalier, pioneer of Digital Art, whose work involves the most innovative technology such as generative and interactive virtual reality installations. This is the first time that the artist has shown his work in Ibiza, presenting two breathtaking interactive settings “Fractal Flowers 2015" and “Liquid Pixels 2015", running every night, interacting with performances by human art and music.

“Fractal Flowers 2015" is a generative and interactive virtual-reality installation. It's a giant virtual garden that evolves endessly. Behind this work, a generator produces gigantic beautiful fractal flowers of different sizes, colors and shapes, creating autonomous virtual seeds, growing, opening out, fading and reacting to the audience. Beyond their beauty, “Fractal Flowers” with their graphic forms, almost mathematical, reveal freedom since each plant is unique through their abstraction and is never the same. It reveals stylized flowers, through the extreme geometry of their shapes. We are in front of an intriguing vegetal universe that evolves on the frontier between mineral, animal and robotic. Through atypical shapes, amazing colours,  otherworldly artificial paradises are created.
These flowers have on the one hand a real monumentality with their geometrical shapes, and on the other hand an evanescence, when after some seconds, the flowers evaporate in the air like a cloud becoming progressively blurred. As they cast a glance at the visitors, looking at them according to their movement, the gigantism of these flowers creates an enigmatic dialogue with the visitors. Flowers stoop to bow in order to welcome the public into this mysterious virtual garden, then display their most beautiful colors and shapes, merged on colored backgrounds, lean out as to observe close to our reality, before finally disappearing out of sight, out of our fascinated look, touched by the living relationship with a ephemeral virtual object.

A film by Claude Mossessian