Fractal Flowers Bubble

Fractal Flowers Bubble 2009

Fractal Flowers Bubble 2009

Generative virtual-reality installation

French Embassy, Brasilia, Brazil

Technical element:

1 inflatable sphere, 1 PC, 1 videoprojector

Size: 8.2 ft diameter

Software: Cyrille Henry

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Gigantic fractal flowers of different sizes, colours and shapes, are growing, opening out and fading endlessly on a white sphere. It reveals stylized flowers, through an extreme geometry in its shapes. We are in front of an intriguing vegetal universe, full of crystal-flowers with a wire frame, reminding of the facets of a diamond, which have on the one hand a real monumentality with its geometrical shapes, and on the other hand an evanescent aspect, when after some seconds, the flowers evaporate in the air like a cloud becoming progressively blurred.