Fractal Tensegrity


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Fractal Tensegrity 2007

Fractal Tensegrity 2007

Collaborator: Woytek Sepiol, designer


Château de Dravert, La Guiche, France

Unique piece

Technical element:

Steel and aluminium Sculpture

Sizes: 3,20 m x 3,20 m x 6 m. / 11 ft x 11 ft x 20 ft

Courtesy: Barnoud Gallery, Dijon and Seconde Modernité Gallery

Collection: Geotec

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Fractal Tensegrity is a monumental sculpture created in 2007, with the designer Woyteck Sepiol. Consisting of eleven aluminium tripods. At the origin of Fractal Tensegrity, another sculpture was created by the artist for the port of Marseille in 2001. Entitled Nuage Fractal, this 20 m high, 28 m long and 28 m wide room gives the appearance of a chaotic external structure, a kind of giant mikado. The intertwining of the cables and aluminium tubes that compose it seems to multiply infinitely, creating a play of scale and breaking with the classical perspective. These impressive creations were created using the concept of "tensegrity", invented by Buckminster Fuller. The term itself results from the contraction of the words voltage and integral, and refers to a construction system characterized essentially by the continuity of the tensioned networks. The construction of tensegrity systems is based on two basic elements: bars and cables. The bars remain discontinuous with each other, while the cables form a continuous configuration. The bars work mainly on compression, the cables on traction. The former are inserted into the latter, and the result is a balanced whole.