Hortus 2.0

Hortus 2.0 2017

Hortus 2.0 2017
Group exhibition

Software: Cyrille Henry / Antoine Villeret

Curated by EDIS for Art

Louis Vouland museum
17, rue Victor Hugo
84000 Avignon, France

From June 2nd to October 1st 2017

Artists : Hicham Berrada, Vincent Broquaire, France Cadet, Miguel Chevalier, Edmond Couchot & Michel Bret, Bertrand Gadenne, Laurent Pernot, Quayola, Scénocosme, Antoine Schmitt, Momoko Seto


The exhibition will take place in the center a region in France, Avignon and dispatched among several sites. The exhibition will start at Louis Vouland museum and continue on three other sites : Saint-Charles chapel, Angladon museum and Lambert Collection.

The garden and its multiple artistic metamorphoses are the main theme, giving to the public the chance to dialogue with museums, cultural heritage sites and artists’ fantasy.

Digital herbarium, digital plants, aromatic vegetation, 3D vegetable sculptures, sound garden and touche-sensitive plants draw the outlines of a garden which has become the place where all the artistic metamorphoses and transfigurations happen.