Intersecting Networks

Intersecting Networks 2005

Intersecting Networks 2005

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Site Odéon 5, Paris, France and KunstVerket Gallery, Oslo, Norway

Technical element:

1 PC, 1 vidéoprojector, 2 infrared sensors

Software: Emmanuel Mâa Berriet

Living in Networks creates a unique interplay between virtual and physical media. On the one hand, Rizomatic (2005) is an immense installation/sculpture which is suspended from the ceiling. Made up of 4,000 steel micro-structures painted in fluorescent colors, it forms a network-like tapestry of light which progressively emerges from the darkness and appears held in the air by its ethereal weightlessness.

While representing a new departure for the artist, this real-life, physical sculpture is reminiscent of the interactive VR installation Intersecting networks (2005), a purely computer-generated work of art. Inhabiting networks maps the web of relationships between art galleries and their public by using names from the address books of Galerie Odéon 5 in Paris and KunstVerket Galleri in Oslo. The intersections between the galleries and the names in their files are represented by a myriad of 3D trajectories which become entangled and superimposed, forming a dynamic virtual structure. Inhabiting networks is an evolving environment that is defined by the viewer. Using the AAASeed software driver developed by Emmanuel Mâa Berriet, Inhabiting networks allows the viewer to browse the address book and zoom in on individual trajectories. Elements are attracted and repelled by one another in alternating spatiotemporal patterns, creating a breathing-like rhythm of dilation and contraction. The transitory, shifting flux of lights and colors coalesce and dissipate in a seemingly infinite array of cloud-like forms. Shapes appear and proliferate before self-destructing and reappearing in a different guise, always according to a different, yet interconnected, trajectory or itinerary.

Extract from an article by Christine Buci-Glucksmann