Liquid Pixels

Liquid Pixels 2009

Liquid Pixels 2009

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Exhibition Pixels Power, Georges Verney-Carron Gallery, Lyon, France

Technical element:

Leds Screen, 1 PC, 1 infrared sensor

Sizes: 6.56 ft x 9.84 ft

Software: Cyrille Henry / Antoine Villeret

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Liquid Pixels are a homage to the painting of 1950’s, of Jackson Pollock, of Sam Francis, of Pierre Soulages and enroll in the continuity of "the action painting." A skin of colorful pixels evolves autonomously on the wall of leds. The spectator's displacement creates a trail of color, that mixes itself and gush with the "painting" in plot of bottom, before fading away slowly until a visitor's next passage. Coming out of the canvas, and making body with the screen, Miguel Chevalier finalizes the technique of  "electronic dripping", ‘a painting of light’, in perpetual movement, where the spectator becomes a numeric brush by his/her body.