Liquid Pixels

Liquid Pixels 2009

Liquid Pixels 2009

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Exhibition Pixels Power, Georges Verney-Carron Gallery, Lyon, France

Technical element:

Leds Screen, 1 PC, 1 infrared sensor

Sizes: 6.56 x 9.84 ft

Software: Cyrille Henry / Antoine Villeret

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Pixels Liquides is a tribute to the painting of the 1950s by Jackson Pollock, Sam Francis and Pierre Soulages and is a continuation of the "Action painting". A skin of coloured Pixels evolves autonomously on the LED wall. The spectator's movement creates a trail of colour that mixes and fuses with the "light painting" in the background, before slowly fading away until a visitor's next passage. Leaving the relationship to the painting and forming a part of the LED screen, Miguel Chevalier developed the technique of "electronic dripping", a painting of light in perpetual movement where the spectator becomes a digital brush through his body.