Living Networks

Living Networks 2000

Living Networks 2000

Mixed media installation

Palais des Congrès, Paris, France

Technical element:

Interactive installation
Films holographiques sur tôle laquée, 24 000 leds, 13 journaux électroniques, 1 ordinateur, 1 capteur infrarouge

Sizes: 39 x 26 ft

Software: Claude Micheli

Technical collaboration: Architecte : Christian de Portzamparc Capteurs : Sylvain Bélot

Living networks is a fixed installation and permanently animated by 24,500 red LED displays, directly related to the world of the flow of people in and out of the building. This 15 x 8 m work in holographic films is symbolic of the universe of flows, of the notion of exchange and proposes a new vision of the global and the local from computer networks. In addition, thirteen electronic newspapers provide a list of the various cities in the world with which the Palais des Congrès is connected.