Meeting of 2 Worlds

Meeting of 2 Worlds 1992

Meeting of 2 Worlds 1992

Casa de Velazquez, Madrid, Spain

Technical element:

Scanachromes on vinyl, stretched on tubular structure
Projection by night - Films projected onto a glass surface, 3 x 5000W light cannons

Sizes: 131 x 23 x 1,3 ft

Collection: Casa de Velazquez

Photography: Serge Equilbey

Created as part of the "Madrid, European Cultural Capital" events, this installation in the gardens of Casa de Velázquez recreated an architecture of light, thanks to projections of Aztec motifs on the walls and floor. A form of land art on 500 m2 as a link between two worlds and two cultures, Latin America and Spain. In the same year, it was subsequently presented in France at the Fortress of Vauban in Port-Louis.