Meeting of 2 Worlds

Meeting of 2 Worlds 1992

Meeting of 2 Worlds 1992

Casa de Velazquez, Madrid, Spain

Technical element:

Scanachromes mounted on vinyl stretched across tube structure
Projection by night - Films projected onto a glass surface, 3 x 5000W light cannons

Sizes: 40 x 7 x 0.4 m (131 x 23 x 1.3 ft)

Collection: Casa de Velazquez

Photography: Serge Equilbey

This installation, commissioned for the celebrations for Madrid 1992 European Cultural Capital, created an architecture of light in a 500 sq.m (5,380 sq.ft) space in the gardens of Casa Velazquez, illuminating the walls and courtyard with Aztec motifs. Meeting of 2 Worlds was designed as a "landscape artwork" symbolizing the historic ties between Spain and Latin America. In the same year, it was subsequently presented in France at the Fortress of Vauban in Port-Louis.