Méta-Territoires 2015

Méta-Territoires 2015
Solo show

Galerie Fernand Léger, Ivry-sur-Seine, France

Address :
93 avenue G. Gosnat
94200 Ivry-sur-Seine
Tél : +33 (0)1 49 60 25 49

From: 10/02/2015 To: 12/19/2015


The exhibition “Meta-Territories 2015” presents two digital installations and a series of fixed artworks which explore themes of the city and urban transformations, such as can be seen in Ivry-sur-Seine itself.

In response to the evolution of global city development, the fixed works presented for the exhibition are a selection of previous works developed during the 90s and 2000s (Aller/Retour – Tokyo/Kyoto,  Villa Kujoyama, 1996 ; Périphérie, Espace Cardin, Paris, 1998 ; Mémoire et Mutations, La Fabrique, Beyrouth, 1999 ;  Metapolis, Marco, Monterrey, Mexico, 2002).

With these works, the artists helps to renew and refresh our ideas of the city and its architecture, thus reinventing the city of tomorrow and reimagening our future world.

The first digital installation “Meta-cities” is a global virtual city, with no specific locale and inspired by cities and urban spaces in megacities. In 19th century, Cerda, Haussmann and Otto Wagner elaborated on urban models capable of restructuring the city and reorganising traffic systems, however nowadays, drastically increased traffic flow and live information exchange oblige us to think of the city in another way when it comes to its relation with life and territory. Using digital tools we are now able to explore these new digital cities and their position in the world.

“Meta-Cities” reveals a generic urban landscape which reproduces itself constantly, with no distinct landmarks. With no starting or ending point, no center or outskirts, Meta-Cities is a virtual metropolis made up by wireframe buildings crossing before our eyes and allowing the spectator freedom of exploration thanks to a digital interface.

“Meta-Cities” develops like a matrix and is constantly transforming. This city generates with a chaos of dynamism and non-programmable flux.

This virtual city projects us into a space where nature disappears in favor of an unstoppable urbanism where cities join together indefinitely. Meta-Cities is no longer just a tangle of networks, it is imposible to know as a whole, a virtual city which we can only understand by way of a spatial model. In a way “Meta-Cities” is a generator of urban utopias and cyberspace architecture.

“Meta-Ivry”, the second digital installation created specifically for the exhibition, deals with the transformation of Ivry-sur-Seine, a town well known by the artist whose studio is near the confluence of the river Seine and the river Marne. This creation shows a different approach to urbanism where urban projects merge into the geography and history of the place, while thinking about the dialogue with the site and not denying the contemporary contribution essential for evolution.

A video filmed in the streets in Ivry overlaps with 3D imagery of architectural elements. This traveling across the city creates a disturbing array of images highlighted by a sound universe created by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi who borrows sound references from urban life (construction site, car traffic...).

Pieces of ancient industry mix with the contemporary architecture and buildings in construction.

This double weave scrolling at hight speed creates a cyber mesh between reality and fiction, a true metaphor of a city in transformation, particularly with the Ivry Confluences project.

“Meta-Ivry” settles time in the city, rekindles the memory of what Ivry has once been and witnesses its current and future vitality.

In parallel with these two creations, a series of sculptures made using laser cutting techniques and 3D printing will also be presented. Among those works, Meta-Cities is a sculpture created by 3D printing, representing a city made out of a hybrid architectural maze. 3D printing allows us to materialise the virtual and is a real revolution for sculpting, as well as for the environment around us. The technology of these 3D prints evolves quickly and it is easy to imagine that they will soon be generating a multitude of unique and complex spaces and having a big impact on the costs of production and realisation. If the first tests of printed houses have been made in China we can imagine that soon enough we will be able to build colorful high scale buildings and why not a whole city...

Through the theme of the city, the exhibition shows how the artist can transpose a form of reality into a new fantasy.

Theses artworks generate tangible worlds that open new and poetic horizons capable of raising emotions. It invites us to read and live the city in a different way.

With these digital works, Miguel Chevalier captures and transcribes the elusiveness of these new forms of contemporary life and of contemporary cities : relentlessly renewing, accelerating transformation.

Leaving out all chronological and linear memory, he constructs with images an urban “time constellation”, somewhere between construction and destruction, growth and mutation.

Film by Claude Mossessian