Périphérie 1998

Périphérie 1998

Music: Gérard Hourbette

Interactive installation (3D and video)

Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France

Technical element:

3 screens, 6 video projectors, 3 Intergraph PCs, 3 Umatic Pal VCRs, 3 sensor pads (floor)

Sizes: 16,4 x 16,4 x 40 ft

Software: Emmanuel Mâa Berriet

Technical collaboration: Architect: Bruno Liance
Interfaces: Sylvain Bélot

Périphérie is a virtual reality installation, realized in Paris, on three curved screens of 6 x 3 m composing a cylindrical space of 360° developed on 450 m2.
The scrolling of the device images is projected on 40% of the lower part of the screen. The ring road was filmed day and night, in both directions, over its entire distance. The whole, mixed and restructured, shows a double temporal and spatial cross-flow. This travelling a contrario provokes a disturbing telescoping of images on this urban landscape, reinforced by the music of Gérard Hourbette. The remaining 60% on the screen show imaginary architectures in transparency. A system of sensors placed on the ground and in the centre of the installation reacts to the spectator's movement: his steps modify and explore these virtual architectures in real time.