Pixels crossing

Pixels crossing 2007

Pixels crossing 2007

"1% artistique", Hospital Armand Trousseau, Paris, France

Technical element:

Holographic films on glass

Sizes: 39 .4 ft x 22.11 ft x 6.6 ft

Technical production: Voxels Productions

In the context of the « 1% artistique » in the Parisian Hospital Armand Trousseau, Miguel Chevalier invested the two footbridges which link the Paul Louis Chicot building and the new maternity created by the architects Israel & Grimaux.

Miguel Chevalier covered the whole windows of the footbridges, with holographic films, showing coloured pixels, to create a crossing in a kind of profane stained-glass window. This work of art evolves during the day, and according to the luminous intensity, giving to sick children, whose the everyday life is dull, a magic space lain in a soft light and a wealth of colours, enlivening the sad place of the hospital. The footbridge connects the hospital to the maternity; thus, Miguel Chevalier realized this work with relevance, which creates an astonishing light thanks to the coloured pixels, close to the place where women give birth, as to reflect the beauty of this unique moment.

Pixels Crossing is different by day or by night. By day, it gives the sensation to walk into a stained-glass window, with the wealthy tints and the light converse, are reflected on the faces and the floor, creating a beautiful palette of colours and smiles, and more the sun shines more the universe is amazing.
By night, this colourful space is more on view from outside, like a box hung up to the coloured and iridescent lights, emphasized with the holographic films which diffract the spectrum thanks to the projectors placed on the footbridges.