Pixels crossing


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Pixels crossing 2007

Pixels crossing 2007

"1% artistique", Hospital Armand Trousseau, Paris, France

Technical element:

Holographic films on glass

Sizes: 39 .4 ft x 22.11 ft x 6.6 ft

Technical production: Voxels Productions

As part of an artistic 1% at the Centre hospitalier Armand Trousseau in Paris,
Miguel Chevalier has taken over the two footbridges that connect the existing Paul Louis Chicot building to the new maternity building designed by architects Israel & Grimaux.

Miguel Chevalier covered the entire glazing of the two walkways with holographic films representing Pixels of all colours, as if to create a crossing for patients and visitors in a profane stained glass window.
The work evolves throughout the day also according to the intensity of light, offering sick children, whose daily lives are difficult and monotonous, a magical place bathed in a soft light and a richness of colours that brighten up the hospital's cold space.
The bridge connects the hospital to the maternity ward, so Miguel Chevalier has created this work in a very relevant way, creating an astonishing light thanks to the coloured Pixels, a stone's throw from the space where women give birth, as if to reflect the beauty of this unique moment.

Day and night, The Pixels crossing will be perceived in a different way.
During the day, this creation gives the impression of being caught between two stained glass windows, where the rich colours and light interact with each other, and are reflected on both faces and floor, creating a sublime palette of colours and smiles, where the more the sun shines, the more amazing this universe will be. At night, this colourful space will be more visible from the outside, like a box suspended from coloured lights, and iridescent accentuated by holographic films that diffract the spectrum of light through projectors placed in the walkways.