Power Pixels


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Power Pixels 2018

Power Pixels 2018
Solo show

La Galerie par GRAF Notaires, Paris, France

From 10th October 2018 to 22th January 2019
La Galerie par GRAF Notaires
104, avenue des Champs-Elysées, 75008 Paris

From 9.15 am to 12.45am and from 2pm to 6pm,  from Monday to Thursday
From 9am to 1pm and From 2pm to 5pm on Friday (closed saturday and sunday)
Free entrance (intercom P - left stairs, 4th floor))

Helena dos Santos, Art director

Eva Courtès, Collaborator     
Tél : + 33 (0)1 86 90 05 50


The Galerie par Graf Notaires presents « Power Pixels », a solo show by Miguel Chevalier.
The Galerie par Graf Notaires is a new gallery located in Champs-Elysées avenue, in the heart of the Graf Notaires Paris Notary Office since January 2018.

Through a series of works in motion on screen, printing and sculptures, Miguel Chevalier's Power Pixels exhibition joins the central themes of Graf Notaires Paris, namely the exploration of the imagination of the city and its urban transformations.

The works presented are the fruit of a reflection to renew the look on the city and architecture, to reinvent the city of tomorrow and imagine our future world. Sensitive to the evolution of the development of cities and their globalisation, this work is a continuation of previous works by the artist: Aller-Retour-Tokyo / Kyoto, 1996, Villa Kujoyama, Japan; Periphery, 1998, Espace Cardin, Paris; Memory and Changes, 1999, La Fabrique, Beirut, Lebanon; Metapolis, 2002, Marco, Monterrey, Mexico; Méta-Territoires, 2015, Fernand Léger Gallery, Ivry-sur-Seine, France.

On different LCD screens, parade before our eyes different "Méta-cities". These virtual cities are inspired by the towns and urban spaces of megalopolises.. Planetary cities, without location, without beginning or end, without centre and periphery, the "Meta-cities" are made up of wired buildings that. These cities generate themselves from software specially designed with the computer scientist Claude Micheli.

These "Meta-cities" are revealing of a generic urban principle that reproduces itself without a state of mind, without reference points, without worrying about singularity. These virtual towns mashe up different eras while projecting us into a city where nature disappears, only to give way to rampant urban development, and where each town eventually merges with the others. "Meta-cities" is no longer anything but a huge network that cannot fully be traversed or known in its totality; it is a virtual town of which we would possess only a spatial diagram. They are an architectural expression of cyberspace.

To respond to these  works on screen, a series of fixed works are presented in the form of digital printing in colour and black which freezes these imaginary cities in their expansions.

Finally, are presented different sculptures in acrylic glass made from laser cutting techniques, now allows materialisation of the virtual.
The superimposition of transparent perforated plates creates effects of novel kinetic movements reinforced by the light passing through the cuts. It emerges an aesthetic of the virtual, mixing matter and pixels. The artist becomes a sculptor of the virtual.

Through his fixed or moving artworks, Miguel Chevalier creates cities between reality and simulation, forming part of a transformable space-time. He reveals with the virtual the elusive and translates the new forms of contemporary life and cities today: incessant renewal, speed, transformation. Abandoning all chronological and linear memory, he constructs in images, a "constellation of time and space" urban, between destruction and construction, growth and mutation.