RGB Land

RGB Land 2006

RGB Land 2006

Music: Eric Wenger

Generative virtual-reality installation

Woodstreet gallery, Pittsburgh, USA

Technical element:

1 PC, 3 videoprojectors

Sizes: 60 x 9.8 ft

Software: Eric Wenger

Technical production: Voxels Productions

The desert landscape that regularly passes before our eyes could be filmed by a drone, or overflown by a raptor that no life form would divert from its flight. It could be in Arizona as it is in New Mexico, but it is not. Everything, land, water, sky, is derived from the calculation of machines, the computation of algorithms and fractal models.
We are constantly moving towards infinity in this procedural landscape that encompasses us. However, we are only exploring the tiny part of a world that has been mapped in its entirety. The huge map, similar to a seismic survey, precedes the existence of this region, which is none other than the extrapolation of a detail. It is therefore the map that makes the territory and not the other way around.

The framing, like the precision of the image, evokes panoramic photography which, as early as the second half of the 19th century, already placed the viewer in an immersive situation. Our gaze is inevitably drawn to the distant as when we contemplate Caspar David Friedrich's paintings.
The uniqueness of this landscape also lies in the saturated colours - reds, greens and blues - that cover it. And we remember Robert Smithson's Earthworks. But here, the rain does not threaten this device in any way in an equally fake nature. This strange territory, which has already undergone fractal erosion, now appears to us to be so frozen in its movement.

Text by Dominique Moulon