Silène luminaris sive Muflier de Borges


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Silène luminaris sive Muflier de Borges 2015

Silène luminaris sive Muflier de Borges 2015
« Fractal Flowers » series


Fondation Clément, Le François, Martinique

Unique piece

Technical element:

Stainless steel sculpture painted in red and orange

Sizes: L : 3 m x P : 2,70 m x H : 3,00 m - L 9.84 ft x W: 8.85 ft x H: 9.84 ft

Collection: Fondation Clément Collection, Martinique

Technical collaboration: Art Advisor: Frédéric Morel
Metalworker: Sarragala (France)

Silène luminaris sive Muflier de Borges is a stainless steel sculpture which is part of the Fractal Flowers series. It was commissioned by the collector Bernard Hayot and installed in the park at Fondation Clément in Martinique.

Since 1978, Miguel Chevalier has focused exclusively on computers as an artistic means of expression. He quickly secured a spot on the international scene as a pioneer of virtual and digital art. Since 2008, the artist has been exploring the new posibilities of 3D printers.
Miguel Chevalier's work examines in a poetic and metaphorical way, the question of the link existing between nature and artifice, coexisting and enriching each other today.
Relying on a process initiated at the end of the nineties, based on the observation of the plant kingdom and its imaginary transposition within a digital universe, Miguel has created various different generations of virtual gardens, such as Fractal Flowers (2008>2016) – gigantic flowers whose geometry of shapes is taken to extremes. The process of growth of the colored plants is governed by software and is permanently renewed.

Silène luminaris sive Muflier de Borges is one seed that was grown in the Fractal Flowers gardens.
Using this virtual artwork, Miguel Chevalier can stop flowers at any time during their growth in order to obtain a 3D file which allows him to “print” small sculptures in resin, by powder sintering with 3D printers.
3D printing allows Miguel Chevalier to materialize these generative virtual-reality artworks.
It's a revolutionary process that is drastically altering the world of sculpture by allowing one to create very complex unique works. You go from the virtual to the real almost directly and instantaneously. A new virtual aesthetic, which mixes pixels with materials and abolishes the boarders between real and virtual, is just being born. The artist here is a sculptor of the virtual.

The 3D file and the "digital sculptures" are then used to realize larger-scale stainless steel sculptures, such as Silène luminaris sive Muflier de Borges. The sculpture was manufactured in the studio of metalworker Sarragala near Marseille.
The stalk produced is identical to that of the 3D model. Regarding the complex abundance of petals, the metalworkers, Rémy Darrigade and Marc Maisonneuve, were given free rein to make their own interpretation, whilst staying true to the twisting rhythms of the virtual flower.

This monumental flower now blooms in the Fondation Clément park in Martinique, among many exotic plant species such as the royal palms, banana trees and a sugar cane field. It is itself a form of exoticism.

This giant flower and its fluid reflection in the water below, radiate among the sculptures of great artists as Bernar Venet, Pablo Reinoso, Catherine Ikam, Jeppe Hein...

Immediately imposing because of its bright red and orange color and extraordinary dimensions, it stands out in the otherwise uniquely green landscape. By night, its lighting gives it another artificial radiance, creating even more mystery in the park.

A film by Claude Mossessian