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Sur-Natures 2007

Sur-Natures 2007

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Galerie des Galeries Lafayette, Paris, France

Technical element:

5 PC, 6 videoprojectors, 5 infrared sensors

Size: 2 700 sq.ft

Software: Music2eye

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Sur-Natures is a generative and interactive virtual reality installation. It is a lush virtual garden presented around the world inviting the public to discover a magical plant landscape. This garden is composed of 18 different virtual seeds, filaria and luminescent plants in multiple colours, herbaceous plants, red and purple cacti and long yellow flowers with turquoise stems. This work is based on a generative and interactive principle that creates autonomous virtual seeds, which are randomly born, grow, flourish and die according to their "morphogenetic code". They grow every day in real time and evolve to infinity.

Each of these flowers reacts to the passage of visitors according to its orientation and thanks to presence sensors. The plants bend from right to left, undulating to form "baroque" interlacing and unusual plant ballets.
Sur-Natures is close to a form of digital impressionism. The work rediscovers Monet's cosmic sensibility, in particular his exploration of light, time and nature, his taste for series such as the Water Lilies.