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Trans-Natures 2015

Trans-Natures 2015

2050 - A brief history of the future, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium

Software: Claude Micheli

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Address :
3, Rue de la Régence / Regentschapsstraat
1000 Brussels
+32 (0)2 508 32 11

Date and time of opening: Opening on 10th September 2015

From: 09/11/2015 To: 01/24/2016

Trans-Natures explores the question of the link between nature and artifice in a poetry manner. According to an approach used in the late 90s this creation is based on the observation of the plant kingdom and of its imaginary transposition into the digital universe. This artificial nature which forms remind undergrowth vegetal forms, combines different species of trees, bushes, twigs and foliages. Its development and forms are inspired by the arborescences, organized systems of datas using the principle of roots and branches. This kind of nature made of realistic and abstract forms is generated endlessly. The plants appear randomly, grow and die according to different “morphogenetic codes”. The garden constantly renews and transforms itself. Loose vegetal forms roll out their curves into the space whereas sharp branch arborescences grow unswerving and seem to get out of the screen. Some of them become gigantic while being in freefall, others disappear passing like a pollinisation swarm. The foliages, thorny flowers and deploying arborescences swirl and intertwine into a vanishing mysterious vegetal ballet. The lightness of the dances draws the garden’s limits which like a microcosm seems to resume the evanescence of the beauty of life.

A film by Claude Mossessian