Ultra-Nature 2008

Ultra-Nature 2008

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Exhibition Emoção Art.ficial 4.0 by Centro Cultural Itaú, Paraiso subway station, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Technical element:

2 videoprojectors, 1 PC, 1 infrared sensor

Sizes: 32.81 ft x 9.84 ft

Software: Music2eye

Ultra Nature is a lush virtual garden, made up of eight varieties of luminescent, scalar plants, ranging from herbaceous vegetation and bright yellow flowers with turquoise stems, through to cacti in shades of red and violet. Each plant evolves according to a unique cycle that is defined by its morphogenetic characteristics. Motion sensors allow visitors to influence the growth of the garden's plants. As viewers interact with the artwork, the plants incline to the left or right, creating a scene which alternates between baroque strapwork and stylized organic ballet.

Ultra-Nature is a new digital form of Impressionism. One can feel the cosmic sensibility of Monet, particularly his researches on light, weather and nature, his series such as the famous Nymphéas. This work of art is one image of our world, always facing future and constantly on the move.