Vortex 2015

Vortex 2015
Solo show

Lélia Mordoch Gallery, Paris, France

Software: Claude Micheli

From: 09/25/2015 To: 10/31/2015


« Vortex » is the first solo show by Miguel Chevalier in Lélia Mordoch Gallery. Miguel Chevalier presents in this exhibition, his latest artistic research about flows and networks through virtual works, prints and sculptures.

« Vortex 1 » and « Vortex 2 » are digital artworks shown on 2 LCD screens. A flowing line appears, followed by another and finally by a multitude of lines, following, crossing each other and losing themselves in multitudes of randomness. The visitor's eyes follow these fascinating flows that that break out and develop into forms of sinuous curves and vortex, sowing their cosmic particles along their paths to draw astonishing swirling motions that seem to jump out of the screen to spread their light energy.

Vortex is a dynamic and poetic creation; a metaphor for the vast information highways, composed of a wealth of data, which weave through our environments, circulating continuously at an ever growing rate. This dynamic work reflects with poetry, our technological world of today, our world constantly changing.

To respond to these works on screen, a series of sculptures « Vortex Filaires » are presented. These sculptures are made from laser cutting techniques and 3D printing, now allows materialisation of the virtual. With this sculpture, Miguel Chevalier reapproaches notions of flux and networks, which are inherently difficult to perceive, yet appear here with real substance.

Lines and points of light confront each other in the exhibition and wander endlessly. Light, movement and energy represent some of the new poetics of matter which emerge from the continuation of kinetic art.

Film by Claude Mossessian