Silène Luminaris sive Muflier de Borges


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Silène Luminaris sive Muflier de Borges 2011

Silène Luminaris sive Muflier de Borges 2011


Abbaye Sainte-Marie de Pierredon, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France

Oeuvre unique

Eléments techniques :

Steel sculpture, painted in orange and red bi-chromia

Dimensions : 3,30 m

Collection : Collection privée

Silène luminaris sive Muflier de Borges is a red painted steel sculpture, 3.40 m high. This sculpture was commissioned and produced for the second edition of the AP'Art Festival, Alpilles-Provence'Art.
This sculpture is extracted from the virtual reality work Fractal Flowers , generation of flowers and virtual gardens evolving on the borders of a half-mineral, half-animal and half-robotics world. These are giant fractal flowers generated endlessly using computer software. Virtual flowers are born randomly, bloom and die. The Fractal Flowers reveal very sculptural forms, taken to the extreme of their geometrization.
Miguel Chevalier can now from this software, generate 'imaginary flowers', stop them at the time of their growth and obtain a 3D file which then allows him to take them out of the virtual thanks to the new 3D printers which layer by layer materialize them under resin model. These "digital sculptures" serve as a model for making steel sculptures on a larger scale, such as Silène luminaris sive Muflier de Borges . An aesthetic of the virtual is being born from these material objects which have a real 'physicality' and which are born thanks to virtual universes. This is a real revolution for the field of sculpture,